Thursday, April 14, 2011

Astronaut in Space Birthday

My son turned 6 this past week, and requested an astronaut and planet cake. So here's my attempt at that.

I'm not incredibly comfortable modeling characters out of fondant, but I was pretty happy with this guy, although he kind of sunk backwards a bit. I did not allow enough drying time for my rocket and so it kind of fell apart when I moved it.

The birthday boy requested a vanilla cake with vanilla icing and caramel inside. So I made a delicious vanilla bean cake and made a nice thick layer of salted caramel sauce between the layers. And there was plenty of caramel left over to drizzle over the cut pieces.

These were the cupcakes that were brought to his kindergarten class, according to his teacher they were "inhaled!"

Here's one picture of the decorations, I hung a black plastic table cloth on the wall, then used vinyl wall stickers from Dollarama, and Birthday Express to make the solar system. I used my cricut to cut the letters. All totalled it cost about $5.

Here's the happy birthday boy, I can't believe he's 6! The best part about making the cake is getting to see his reaction. That's when you know it was worth all the work!


  1. Wow! He's all grown up!!! That's one crazy cool cake!!! And I love the back drop with the planets!

  2. Your pics are great but don't do your set up justice. I loved your treat jars, liquid Hydrogen and Jet fuel, name tags and goodie bags. It was so creatively co-ordinated you have to post those pics too!!!

  3. Thanks Joanne, I would have posted more pictures, but I didn't get that many before everyone showed up, and the couple that I did get were blurry. So frustrating, oh well.